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do you ever just want to grab someone in one of your classes

and pull their face close and whisper

“I am ten times smarter than you will ever be, your opinions are both ill-informed and unoriginal, the career path you are headed on is so overdosed with barely competent imbeciles like you that you will be incapable of finding a job, and incidentally your shoes are clashing with your outfit in a way that cannot even be called deliberately bad. so shut. the. fuck. up.






Rule #1 of Tumblr:

you must reblog our creator whenever he comes up on your dash

david karp looks through the notes of this post, puts all the urls he sees onto the safe list, then deletes the rest of the blogs. reblogging this post is like when the jews put the lamb’s blood on their doorposts so the angel of death wouldn’t kill their firstborns.

Must reblog for that comment

That comment, my God.. 

excellent comment, but i’m only reblogging this because he’s a cutie

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